Regular Expression Subtyping for XML Query and Update Languages

  • James Cheney
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XML database query languages such as XQuery employ regular expression types with structural subtyping. Subtyping systems typically have two presentations, which should be equivalent: a declarative version in which the subsumption rule may be used anywhere, and an algorithmic version in which the use of subsumption is limited in order to make typechecking syntax-directed and decidable. However, the XQuery standard type system circumvents this issue by using imprecise typing rules for iteration constructs and defining only algorithmic typechecking, and another extant proposal provides more precise types for iteration constructs but ignores subtyping. In this paper, we consider a core XQuery-like language with a subsumption rule and prove the completeness of algorithmic typechecking; this is straightforward for XQuery proper but requires some care in the presence of more precise iteration typing disciplines. We extend this result to an XML update language we have introduced in earlier work.


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