Cryptographic Test Correction

  • Eric Levieil
  • David Naccache
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Multiple choice questionnaires (mcqs) are a widely-used assessment procedure where examinees are asked to select one or more choices from a list.

This invited talk explores the possibility of transferring a part of the mcq’s correction burden to the examinee when sophisticated technological means (e.g. optical character recognition systems) are unavailable. Evidently, such schemes must make cheating difficult or at least conspicuous.

We did not manage to devise a fully satisfactory solution (cheating strategies do exist) – but our experiments with a first clumsy system encouraged us to develop alternative mcq formats and analyze their performance and security.


Correct Answer Optical Character Recognition Statistical Attack Decimal Digit Multiple Choice Questionnaire 
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  • Eric Levieil
    • 1
  • David Naccache
    • 1
  1. 1.École normale supérieure Département d’informatiqueÉquipe de cryptographieParis cedex 05France

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