We consider two problems. First, sorting of n integer keys from the [0,2 m  − 1] range, stored in p stations of a single-hop and single channel radio network. Second problem is routing of the packets between the stations of the network. We introduce counting-sort algorithm which has 3mr i  + s i  + d i  + 3 energetic cost and nm + n + p time cost, where station a i stores s i keys (r i distinct keys) and receives d i keys. On the basis of this sorting, we construct routing protocols with energetic costs (3⌈log2 p⌉ + 2)r i  + s i  + d i  + 5 and (3⌈log2 p⌉ + 4)r i  + s i  + d i  + 6, and time costs n⌈log2 p⌉ + n + 3p and r⌈log2 p⌉ + n + r + 3p, respectively, where r is sum of all r i . Our routing is attractive alternative for previous solutions, since it is efficient, deterministic and simple.


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  • Marcin Kik
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