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  • Stefan Siersdorfer
  • Sergej Sizov
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Collaborative data/knowledge management methods aim to achieve improved result quality through combination or merging of results and models obtained from multiple users and sites. Typical application scenarios in the domain of Web information systems include collaborative methods and meta methods for information acquisition (e.g. collaborative Web crawling and search, tagging), organization of document collections (e.g. collaborative classification and clustering), and knowledge sharing (e.g. alignment and sharing of personal ontologies). These areas have received increasing attention in the Web Information Systems community; however, connections and relationships between them have largely been neglected.

The workshop on Collaborative Knowledge Management for Web Information Systems (WE.Know) aims at closing this gap by bringing together researchers and practitioners dealing with collaborative methods in distinct contexts, and discovering synergies between their research fields.


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  • Stefan Siersdorfer
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  2. 2.University of Koblenz-LandauGermany

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