Autoimmune hepatitis


A particular form of chronic liver disease prevalent among young women with an excessive increase in protein and υ-globulin was first described by S. Amberg (1942) (2) and later by J. Waldenström (1950), who used the name “autoimmune hepatitis”. (102). In 1951 H. G. Kunnel et al. termed this condition “hypergammaglobulinaemic chronic hepatitis”. (47) This type of disease was confirmed by A. G. Bearn et al. (1956) (4) and, because of a positive LE-cell phenomenon in about 10% of cases (R. A. Joske et al., 1955) (43), was given the name “lupoid hepatitis” by I.R. Mackay et al. (1956). (49) • During the following years, there were frequent reports of a particular from of active and necrotizing liver disease, which was assumed in many cases to be autoimmune due to the treatment success achieved with glucocorticoids and/or azathioprine. Laboratory parameters were characterized by increased transaminase values, GDH, υ-globulins and immunoglobulins as well as by distinct histological findings — there was no possibility of obtaining immunologie evidence at that time.


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