Globalization and Environmental Challenges

Volume 3 of the series Hexagon Series on Human and Environmental Security and Peace pp 379-402

Globalization from Below: Social Movements and Altermundism — Reconceptualizing Security from a Latin American Perspective

  • Úrsula Oswald SpringAffiliated with

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This chapter analyses the rise of social movements with a special emphasis on Latin America, in response to the ongoing process of exclusive (Stiglitz 2002; Salazar 2003), named also regressive globalization (Kaldor/Anheier/Glasius 2003) or globalization of organized violence (Held/Mc Grew 2007). As a result, more than three billion persons, mostly in Third World countries, are living in poverty, lacking basic services, with poor health conditions and few opportunities for dignified jobs and a reduced future. With a greater integration into the world market the gap within and among the countries is growing, above all in Africa and Latin America.