Congruence Between a Siegel and an Elliptic Modular Form

  • Günter Harder
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The winter semester 2002/2003 was the last semester before my retirement from the university. It also happened that I was the chairman of the Colloquium and the speaker foreseen for February 7 had to cancel his visit. At about the same time I found some numerical support for a very general conjecture relating divisibilities of certain special values of L-functions to congruences between modular forms. I have been thinking about this kind of relationship for many years, but I never had any idea how one could find experimental evidence. But in the early 2003 C. Faber and G. van der Geer had written a program that produced lists of eigenvalues of Hecke operators on some special Siegel modular forms. After a few days of suspense we could compare their list with my list of eigenvalues of elliptic modular forms and verify the congruence in our examples.


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