Fast Prototyping of Wireless Smart Sensor

  • T. Bojko
  • T. Uhl


Recent advances in microelectronics have brought about the possibility to integrate powerful digital electronic, radio communication and sensors in one small package or simple and fast integration ready-to-use elements like controllers, radio modems and sensors in one advanced product. The new Digital Signal Controllers (DSC) make it possible to design the small smart sensors achieving computational power equal to Digital Signal Processors (DSP) but with lower requirements concerning peripheral devices like ADC, DAC, PWM, IO pins and memory. Wireless data transfer and DSC enhanced features enables to build advanced wireless sensors for many applications.

Application of wireless sensor networks and distributed computing results in leads to new advances in measurement and monitoring applications of large scale structures like buildings and bridges. Small dimensions, low power consumption and digital signal processing functions are especially advantages in design of applications, where smart wireless sensors are distributed over the large civil engineering structures for monitoring and damage detection purposes.

In the paper fast prototyping of the advanced smart wireless sensor based on DSC is presented.


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  • T. Bojko
    • 1
  • T. Uhl
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  1. 1.KRiM AGH-UST CracowCracowPoland

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