Selected Contributions in Data Analysis and Classification

Part of the series Studies in Classification, Data Analysis, and Knowledge Organization pp 433-444

Clustering of Molecules: Influence of the Similarity Measures

  • Samia AciAffiliated withCentre de Criblage pour Molécules Bioactives
  • , Gilles BissonAffiliated withLaboratoire TIMC-IMAG, CNRS / UJF 5525
  • , Sylvaine RoyAffiliated withLaboratoire Biologie, Informatique, Mathématiques, CEA-DSV-iRTSV
  • , Samuel WieczorekAffiliated withLaboratoire Biologie, Informatique, Mathématiques, CEA-DSV-iRTSV

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In this paper, we present the results of an experimental study to analyze the effect of various similarity (or distance) measures on the clustering quality of a set of molecules. We mainly focused on the clustering approaches able to directly deal with the 2D representation of the molecules (i.e., graphs). In such a context, we found that it seems relevant to use an approach based on asymmetrical measures of similarity. Our experiments are carried out on a dataset coming from the High Throughput Screening HTS domain.