Tom: Piggybacking Rewriting on Java

  • Emilie Balland
  • Paul Brauner
  • Radu Kopetz
  • Pierre-Etienne Moreau
  • Antoine Reilles
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 4533)


We present the Tom language that extends Java with the purpose of providing high level constructs inspired by the rewriting community. Tom furnishes a bridge between a general purpose language and higher level specifications that use rewriting. This approach was motivated by the promotion of rewriting techniques and their integration in large scale applications. Powerful matching capabilities along with a rich strategy language are among Tom’s strong points, making it easy to use and competitive with other rule based languages.


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  • Paul Brauner
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  • Radu Kopetz
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  • Pierre-Etienne Moreau
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  • Antoine Reilles
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