Open-Source Tools for Environmental Modeling

  • Ari Jolma
  • Daniel P. Ames
  • Ned Horning
  • Helena Mitasova
  • Markus Neteler
  • Aaron Racicot
  • Tim Sutton
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Environmental modeling and management is an important application area for geographic information. At the outset of a modeling or management project, the location of the study is explored and existing data are mapped and visualized. When the project progresses, data need to be stored and equations need to be implemented. Free and open-source software (FOSS) provides tools that are shared by their developers to be used, studied, extended, and redistributed. The total body of FOSS is already enormous and includes a substantial collection of geospatial software. FOSS is maintained and developed further by a community, which can be freely joined and which appreciates contributions. The geospatial FOSS community, represented by the OSGeo foundation, develops several software products that can be linked together, to environmental models, and to other software. The software platform for environmental modeling and management is a set of tools and a set of services. Generic FOSS modeling tools, such as R and Python, have been made geospatially aware by geospatial FOSS libraries. Geospatial FOSS constitutes platforms for developing applications for environmental management. It supports web services well, which is an important part of the geospatial platform.


Geographic Information System Steiner Tree Structure Query Language Open Geospatial Consortium Storm Water Management Model 
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application programming interface


American Standard Code for Information Interchange


better assessment science integrating point and nonpoint sources


US Bureau of Land Management


Computational Geometry Algorithms Library


common language infrastructure


Comprehensive Perl Archive Network


Comprehensive R Archive Network


digital elevation model


decision support system


US Environmental Protection Agency


Food and Agriculture Organization


foreign function interface


free and open-source software


Geospatial Data Abstraction Library


Geometry Engine – Open Source


Geographic Information System


GNU linear programming kit


GNU object model environment


Geographic Resources Analysis Support System


graphical user interface


integrated assessment


interprocess communication


Java Topology Suite


K desktop environment


GNU Lesser General Public License


light detection and ranging, Laser Scanning


Multilateral Interoperability Programme


nautical miles


Open Geospatial Consortium


OpenGIS Simple Features Reference Implementation


Open Source Geospatial Foundation


Perl Data Language


Persistence of Vision Raytracer


Python Package Index


relational database management system


System for Automated Geoscientific Analyses


spatial modeling environment


Structured Query Language


soil and water assessment tool


Sensor Web Enablement


simplified wrapper and interface generator


storm water management model


Standard Widget Toolkit


United Nations


United Nations Environment Programme


United States Geological Survey


virtual machine


Web Coverage Service


United Nations World Food Programme


Web Feature Service


well known binary


Web Map Server


Web Processing Service


Extensible Application Markup Language


Extensible Markup Language


International Environmental Modeling and Software Society


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