155 CdH X2Σ+ Cadmium hydride

Molecular Constants
  • W. Hüttner
Part of the Landolt-Börnstein - Group II Molecules and Radicals book series (volume 29A1)


This document is part of Subvolume A1 'Diamagnetic Diatomic Molecules. Part 1' of Volume 29 'Molecular Constants Mostly from Microwave, Molecular Beam, and Sub-Doppler Laser Spectroscopy' of Landolt-Börnstein - Group II 'Molecules and Radicals'.

It contains molecular constants (high-resolution spectroscopic data) of CdH X 2Σ+ Cadmium hydride

Element System: Cd-H

Hill Formula: CdH

Chemical Abstracts Index Name: Cadmium hydride

CAS-Number: 13966-61-5

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Volume II/29A1

General Introduction

Diamagnetic diatomic molecules: Introduction


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