Supporting Security-Oriented, Collaborative nanoCMOS Electronics Research

  • Richard O. Sinnott
  • Thomas Doherty
  • David Martin
  • Campbell Millar
  • Gordon Stewart
  • John Watt
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 5101)


Grid technologies support collaborative e-Research typified by multiple institutions and resources seamlessly shared to tackle common research problems. The rules for collaboration and resource sharing are commonly achieved through establishment and management of virtual organizations (VOs) where policies on access and usage of resources by collaborators are defined and enforced by sites involved in the collaboration. The expression and enforcement of these rules is made through access control systems where roles/privileges are defined and associated with individuals as digitally signed attribute certificates which collaborating sites then use to authorize access to resources. Key to this approach is that the roles are assigned to the right individuals in the VO; the attribute certificates are only presented to the appropriate resources in the VO; it is transparent to the end user researchers, and finally that it is manageable for resource providers and administrators in the collaboration. In this paper, we present a security model and implementation improving the overall usability and security of resources used in Grid-based e-Research collaborations through exploitation of the Internet2 Shibboleth technology. This is explored in the context of a major new security focused project at the National e-Science Centre (NeSC) at the University of Glasgow in the nanoCMOS electronics domain.


Grid computing e-Research Security Virtual Organizations Shibboleth 


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  • Richard O. Sinnott
    • 1
  • Thomas Doherty
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  • David Martin
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  • Campbell Millar
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  • Gordon Stewart
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  • John Watt
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  1. 1.National e-Science CentreUniversity of GlasgowScotland

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