Optic Nerve: Clinical Examination



Optic nerve-head examination is probably the most important step in the diagnosis of glaucoma and is also extremely important in monitoring patients with established glaucoma. There are several ways to clinically examine the optic nerve head, including direct ophthalmoscopy, indirect ophthalmoscopy, and slit lamp biomicroscopy with contact lenses (such as a Goldman lens), handheld lenses (such as a 78 or 90-diopter lens) or the Hruby lens. The advantages of slit lamp biomicroscopy, the preferred method for optic nerve evaluation, over the other methods mentioned are the quality of the stereopsis and magnification provided. Although slit lamp biomicroscopy with handheld lenses can be performed through an undilated pupil, a stereoscopic view may be possible only if the pupil is dilated.


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