Bioactivity of Essential Oils and Their Components

  • Adolfina R. Koroch
  • H. Rodolfo Juliani
  • Julio A. Zygadlo

5.10 Conclusions

The present review demonstrates that EOs and their components have many functional properties and exert their action in mammals as well as in other organisms (insects, fungi, bacteria and viruses). The synergistic effect of EO components is a promising field that could lead to the optimisation of a given bioactivity. This phenomenon has been observed in many activities, such as those of antimicrobials, antioxidants, analgesics and semiochemicals. EOs are complex mixtures of components that show higher activities than their isolated components; their final activities are due to the combine effects of several minor components. Thus, EOs contain multifunctional components that exert their activities through different mechanisms. EOs and their components may have new applications against various diseases of different origins (cancer, fungal, bacterial or viral), because some of these complex diseases require multiple components and multifunctional therapies.

The natural product industry is actively seeking natural therapeutics, preservatives, repellents and other agents that can replace synthetic compounds. The scientific literature has identified new applications and uses of both traditional and exotic EOs. These applications can ultimately assist growers and rural communities in the developing world to increase interest in their products.


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