A Distributed Recording System for High Quality MBone Archives

  • Angela Schuett
  • Randy Katz
  • Steven McCanne
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Popular multicast applications that allow group communication using real-time audio and video have enabled a wide variety of online meetings, conferences and panel discussions. The ability to record and later replay these sessions is one of the key functionalities required for a complete collaboration system. One of the unsolved problems in archiving these interactive sessions is the lack of any method for recording sessions at the highest possible quality. Since audio and video transmissions are typically sent unreliably, there may be a wide variance in recorded quality depending on where the recorder is placed relative to the various sources. This is especially problematic if multiple sources are active in a single session. In addition, because of congestion control schemes that send high-quality, high-rate data to local receivers, and low-rate data in the wide area, different sets of data may be available in different areas of the network for any given session. In response to these challenges, we have developed a system that uses multiple distributed recorders placed at or near the sources of the session. These recorders serve as data caches that transmit data to archives. The archive systems collate the data from various recorders and create a high-quality recorded session, which is then available for playback.

In this paper, we present the tradeoffs involved in architecting a distributed recording system, and present our design for a fault-tolerant, scalable system that also supports a wide range of heterogeneity in end-system connectivity and processor speed. This is achieved in our system through the use of decentralized, shared control protocols that allow simple and fast fault recovery, and decentralized, multicast data collection protocols that allow multiple systems to share data collection bandwidth. We describe and implementation of the system using the MASH multimedia toolkit, the libsrm reliable multicast protocol framework, and the AS1 active service middleware platform implementation. We also discuss our experience with the system and identify several areas of future work.


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  • Randy Katz
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  • Steven McCanne
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  1. 1.Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer ScienceUniversity of CaliforniaBerkeley

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