A Self-reconfiguring Platform

  • Brandon Blodget
  • Philip James-Roxby
  • Eric Keller
  • Scott McMillan
  • Prasanna Sundararajan
Conference paper
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A self-reconfiguring platform is reported that enables an FPGA to dynamically reconfigure itself under the control of an embedded microprocessor. This platform has been implemented on Xilinx Virtex IItm and Virtex II Protm devices. The platform’s hardware architecture has been designed to be lightweight. Two APIs (Application Program Interface) are described which abstract the low level configuration interface. The Xilinx Partial Reconfiguration Toolkit (XPART), the higher level of the two APIs, provides methods for reading and modifying select FPGA resources. It also provides support for relocatable partial bitstreams. The presented self-reconfiguring platform enables embedded applications to take advantage of dynamic partial reconfiguration without requiring external circuitry.


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  • Philip James-Roxby
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  • Eric Keller
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  • Scott McMillan
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  • Prasanna Sundararajan
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