Knowledge Discovery Services and Tools on Grids

  • Domenico Talia
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Talia D. (2003) Knowledge Discovery Services and Tools on Grids. In: Zhong N., Raś Z.W., Tsumoto S., Suzuki E. (eds) Foundations of Intelligent Systems. ISMIS 2003. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 2871. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg


The Grid is today mainly used for supporting high-performance computing intensive applications. However, it could be effectively exploited for deploying data-driven and knowledge discovery applications. To support this class of applications, tools and services for knowledge discovery are vital. The Knowledge Grid is an high-level system for providing Grid-based knowledge discovery services. These services allow professionals and scientists to create and manage complex knowledge discovery applications composed as workflows that integrate data sets and mining tools provided as distributed services on a Grid. They also allow users to store, share, and execute these knowledge discovery workflows as well as publish them as new components and services. The Knowledge Grid provides a higher level of abstraction of the Grid resources for knowledge discovery activities, thus allowing end users to concentrate on the knowledge discovery process without worrying about Grid infrastructure details.


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