XML-to-SQL Query Translation Literature: The State of the Art and Open Problems

  • Rajasekar Krishnamurthy
  • Raghav Kaushik
  • Jeffrey F. Naughton
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 2824)


Recently, the database research literature has seen an explosion of publications with the goal of using an RDBMS to store and/or query XML data. The problems addressed and solved in this area are diverse. This diversity renders it difficult to know how the various results presented fit together, and even makes it hard to know what open problems remain. As a first step to rectifying this situation, we present a classification of the problem space and discuss how almost 40 papers fit into this classification. As a result of this study, we find that some basic questions are still open. In particular, for the XML publishing of relational data and for “schema-based” shredding of XML documents into relations, there is no published algorithm for translating even simple path expression queries (with the axis) into SQL when the XML schema is recursive.


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