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Earthquake geotechnical engineering is concerned with the following topics:

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    Prediction of ground motion during earthquakes

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    Prediction of residual deformation of ground and earth structures that remain after shaking

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    Study on stress-strain-strength characteristics of soils undergoing cyclic loading

  4. 1

    Subsurface exploration by generating and observing propagation of ground vibration

  5. 1

    Safety and/or satisfactory performance of structures during earthquakes

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    Application of knowledge to ground vibration caused by machine and traffic loading among others


In the past experiences, such earthquake-related damages as loss of human lives and properties as well as malfunctioning of facilities were induced by either a total collapse of structures or their unacceptably large deformation. Those collapse and deformation in turn were induced by either a strong shaking or a ground deformation that is not recovered after an earthquakes and remains permanently. Therefore, the topics (1) and (2) shown above are concerned with the prediction of the extent of damage.


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