Approximate Range Mode and Range Median Queries

  • Prosenjit Bose
  • Evangelos Kranakis
  • Pat Morin
  • Yihui Tang
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 3404)


We consider data structures and algorithms for preprocessing a labelled list of length n so that, for any given indices i and j we can answer queries of the form: What is the mode or median label in the sequence of labels between indices i and j. Our results are on approximate versions of this problem. Using \(O(\frac{n}{1-\alpha})\) space, our data structure can find in \(O({\rm log}{\rm log}_\frac{1}{\alpha} n)\) time an element whose number of occurrences is at least α times that of the mode, for some user-specified parameter 0 < α< 1. Data structures are proposed to achieve constant query time for α=1/2,1/3 and 1/4, using storage space of O(n log n), O(n log log n) and O(n), respectively. Finally, if the elements are comparable, we construct an \(O(\frac{n}{1-\alpha})\) space data structure that answers approximate range median queries. Specifically, given indices i and j, in O(1) time, an element whose rank is at least \(\alpha \times \lfloor|j-i+1|/2\rfloor\) and at most \((2-\alpha)\times\lfloor|j-i+1|/2\rfloor\) is returned for 0 < α< 1.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Prosenjit Bose
    • 1
  • Evangelos Kranakis
    • 1
  • Pat Morin
    • 1
  • Yihui Tang
    • 1
  1. 1.School of Computer ScienceCarleton UniversityOttawa, OntarioCanada

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