Combined Treatment of Coronary Plus Other Arterial Pathologies: The Magnitude of the Polyatherosclerotic Patient

  • Nicos S. Angelides
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Atherosclerosis is a generalized disease [2,4,9,11,21,22,41]. Therefore, it is of no surprise that simultaneous ath- erosclerotic lesions may exist in the carotid arteries, the coronary arteries, the aorta and the peripheral arteries in the form of unifocal, bifocal and multifocal occlusive or aneurysmal disease [1,14,15,18,26,38,39]. Coexis- tence of severe coronary artery disease with carotid artery stenosis, aortic aneurysm and critical limb ischaemia is a frequent event and the management of these patients is still unclear and in some cases controversial [12,16, 17,24,27,31,32,36,37]. Therefore,multifocal athero- sclerosis remains a challenge for the cardiothoracic and vascular surgeon who has,nowadays, the therapeutic al- ternative of open or endovascular repair.


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