Solution Extraction with the “Critical Path” in Graphplan-Based Optimal Temporal Planning

  • Tien Ba Dinh
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In AI planning, given the initial state, the goal state and a set of actions, a solution of the problem is a sequence of actions which takes the initial state to the goal state, i.e. a plan. The field has been studied and significantly improved since the past few years. Many state of the art planning systems, such as Graphplan, FF, GP-CSP, TGP, TPSYS, TP4, TLPlan, STAN, LPGP, have shown their good performance on different planning domains. Scientists continue studying to deal with bigger and more complex planning domains which include the explicit modelling of time, resources.


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  • Tien Ba Dinh
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  1. 1.School of Computing and EngineeringUniversity of HuddersfieldUK

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