2 P2P or Not 2 P2P?

  • Mema Roussopoulos
  • Mary Baker
  • David S. H. Rosenthal
  • Thomas J. Giuli
  • Petros Maniatis
  • Jeff Mogul
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 3279)


In the hope of stimulating discussion, we present a heuristic decision tree that designers can use to judge how suitable a P2P solution might be for a particular problem. It is based on characteristics of a wide range of P2P systems from the literature, both proposed and deployed. These include budget, resource relevance, trust, rate of system change, and criticality.


Mutual Trust Border Gateway Protocol Erasure Code Resource Relevance Digital Preservation 
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  • Mary Baker
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  • David S. H. Rosenthal
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  • Thomas J. Giuli
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  • Petros Maniatis
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  • Jeff Mogul
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  1. 1.Harvard UniversityCambridge
  2. 2.HP LabsPalo Alto
  3. 3.Stanford University LibrariesStanford
  4. 4.Stanford UniversityStanford
  5. 5.Intel ResearchBerkeley

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