Non-parametric Performance Comparison in Pictorial Query by Content Systems

  • Sergio Domínguez
Conference paper
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In this paper the author addresses the problem of performance comparison between CBIR systems. The main objective is the introduction of a new non-parametric method for this task. This method has different advantages that are herein explained, since performance evaluation can be stablished on a query-by-query or an averaged basis; it is straigthforwardly computed; can be easily shown in a graphic, including information for different sizes of the retrieval set; and can be easily interpreted, yielding a fast and clear idea of the comparative performance of the CBIR systems being analyzed. Moreover, it can overcome the drawbacks of the precision vs. recall graphics qualitative comparison.


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  • Sergio Domínguez
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  1. 1.DISAMUniversidad Politecnica de Madrid 

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