The Agile Teaching/Learning Methodology and Its e-Learning Platform

  • Andy Hon Wai Chun
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 3143)


The Agile Teaching/Learning Methodology (ATLM) is a teaching/learning methodology designed for higher-education based on the best practices and ideas from the field of software engineering and leveraging upon concepts from agile software methodologies. Although ATLM was designed using concepts borrowed from software engineering, the methodology itself can easily be applied to a wide variety of courses that might require agility in teaching and learning. This paper explains the objectives behind ATLM and the process architecture of the methodology. ATLM emphasizes agility, communication and the learning process. The paper also presents the e-learning platform we have developed to support this ATLM approach to teaching/learning and the technologies behind this platform. The ATLM e-learning platform makes use of a number of modern collaboration and knowledge sharing technologies such as blogging, commenting, instant messaging, wiki and XML RSS.


teaching methodology learning methodology e-learning platform 


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