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The flow-field around a small square plate interacting with the vortex flow released from a shock tube

  • T. Minota
Conference paper


When a shock wave and a circular vortex ring formed using the shock tube travel toward a fixed small square plate, transient flow fields are induced around the square plate. The dynamic motion of the induced flow fields has been studied from the consecutive photographs taken by shadowgraph technique. The experimental results are as follows. A square vortex loop is formed on the side face of the plate, and soon deforms from the corner due to self-induced motion. As the circular vortex ring approaches the plate, the size of the wall vortex loop rapidly increases. A surface shock wave is formed between the cores of both vortices. An array of small vortices is formed in the shear layer produced between the wall vortex core and the side of the plate.


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  • T. Minota
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  1. 1.Ariake National College of TechnologyHigashihagioOmuta, FukuokaJapan

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