Vicarious Experience in Monkeys and Man

  • Percy H. Tannenbaum


Given the similarities in our interests — social psychology in general, communication in particular, attitude and public opinion theory and research, the use of social research in public policy analysis, to name but the academic ones — it was probably inevitable that we would meet eventually. That the meeting happened later rather than sooner (by some 10–15 years, I would guess) is best attributed to the post-World War II gap in relations between foreign scholars. Especially isolated from the work of European colleagues were the smugly insular American researchers with their limited knowledge of foreign languages. The casual, unplanned, face-to-face encounter proved to be a choice one (for both of us I believe). I discovered a kindred soul who knew my work intimately but of whose work I was unaware, and it was not very long before we were exchanging viewpoints as well as pleasantries, entering that combative but constructive zone of debate so characteristic of true academic colleagues. Colleagueship rapidly ripened into friendship and it has remained that way ever since.


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