Clinical Globe Anatomy

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The globe lies in the orbit, a pyramidal bony cavity nestled in the facial skeleton. It is implanted in fat, but separated from it by a membranous sac named Tenon’s capsule. Its attachments include the corneoscleral junction anteriorly and the optic nerve posteriorly. Tenon’s capsule is penetrated by the tendons of the extraocular muscle. The globe itself consists of three distinct layers. The outermost layer is the tough, fibrous, opaque sclera posteriorly, and the transparent cornea anteriorly. The middle vascular layer comprises the uvea, and the inner layer is the retina. Topographically, the eye can be partitioned into an anterior segment and a posterior segment, which lie anterior and posterior to the lens, respectively. The posterior segment is predominantly occupied by the vitreous body.


Anterior segment Vitreous Retina Choroid Ciliary body Iris Sclera Optic disc Orbit and extraocular muscles 

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