A Genetic Algorithm with Local Search Based on Label Propagation for Detecting Dynamic Communities

  • A. PanizoEmail author
  • G. Bello-Orgaz
  • D. Camacho
Conference paper
Part of the Studies in Computational Intelligence book series (SCI, volume 798)


The interest in community detection problems on networks that evolves over time have experienced an increasing attention over the last years. Genetic Algorithms, and other bio-inspired methods, have been successfully applied to tackle the community finding problem in static networks. However, few research works have been done related to the improvement of these algorithms for temporal domains. This paper is focused on the design, implementation, and empirical analysis of a new Genetic Algorithm pair with a local search operator based on Label Propagation to identify communities on dynamic networks.



This work has been co-funded by the following research projects: EphemeCH (TIN2014-56494-C4-4-P) and DeepBio (TIN2017-85727-C4-3-P) projects (Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitivity, under the European Regional Development Fund FEDER).


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