A New Method for Gear Chamfering

  • Manfred SchlatterEmail author
  • Niklas Müller
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In order to chamfer the teeth of a gear wheel there are three important methods in the market: “Chamfer Cut”, roll chamfering and “Gratomat”. All of them have advantages but are not suitable in all situations. For such difficult chamfering operations and especially for smaller series a new method for accurate chamfers was created. The process is based on the geometry of the gear tooth and is simulated by mathematical calculations and therefore a special milling tool has to be manufactured for each individual gear wheel. With this tool is it possible to chamfer the teeth with very high quality in a short time and under economical conditions.


Gear Gear wheels Chamfering Automation Simulation 



This research project was supported by the German Ministry of Economics and Technology with the program ZIM (Zentrales Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand = central innovation program for medium-sized business).


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