Status of Climate Change Adaptation in Southeast Asia Region

  • Ranell Martin M. DedicatoriaEmail author
  • Catherine B. Diomampo
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Like any other region, Southeast Asian Countries are equally vulnerable to climate change and adaptation interventions vary by countries. This chapter examines the status of Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) in SEA by examining present trends and future direction. It has been done through a review of government reports including Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDC) to Paris Agreement and related literature. It aims to assess how the sub-region is faring about its adaptation goals and objectives using the eight indicators presented in the framework chapter. It also attempts to identify ways to enhance adaptation actions toward meeting adaptation objectives and goals. Assessment reveals that there remain huge gaps to enhance CCA in the sub-region. These include proper implementation of climate policies and laws, poor coordination among relevant ministries, insufficient and underutilised mechanisms to generate alternative sources of climate financing, economic priorities, limited access to information especially at the level of local communities, and a lack of systems for monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of CCA programmes and projects at the national level. Although it is ideal for countries to aim for enhanced adaptation options to reach their respective adaptation goals, countries would face potential constraints that include cost-effectiveness of adaptation initiatives, the level of uncertainty of risks involved, and the weight of other development priorities, among others.


Adaptation status Southeast Asia Climate change Adaptation objectives Mainstreaming Climate finance Adaptation technologies 


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