one: 24 NOVEMBER 1971

  • Graham Burchell
Part of the Michel Foucault, Lectures at the Collège de France book series (MFL)


Methodological principle: analysis of the penal system (penal theory, institutions and practice) to be set in the context of systems of repression in order to throw light on the historical development of moral, sociological, and psychological notions; political crime and common law crime. ~ Historical object: to study the repression of popular riots at the beginning of the seventeenth century in order to trace the birth of the State; the penal ritual deployed by the Chancellor Séguier against the uprising of the Nu-pieds (Barefeet) in Normandy (1639). ~ The Nu-pieds uprising: an anti-tax riot against a system of power (against the tax collector, against the homes of the wealthy); the attitude of the privileged classes, of members of the Parlement: neutrality, refusal to intervene.


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