Dualism: An Exploration of Good and Evil via David Lynch’s Films

  • Ashley Crawford


An exploration of good and evil via David Lynch’s films, especially Blue Velvet and Eraserhead and Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight with a focus on the schizophrenia of The Joker. From Carnivalesque to Crucifixion: Religious Imaging in The Dark Knight. Schizophrenia in The Dark Knight. Psychosis in Watchmen. The Feast of Fools in Arkham Asylum. Connective Tissues and Blue Velvet. Clown Torture—The Carnivalesque. Asylums and Amputations. Martyred Bodies—Isabella Rossellini’s Sacrifice. Ruin Porn and Armageddon. David Lynch: High Priest. Flag and Fetus—Secular and Sacred. Ritual Flaying and The Lynchian. The Gothic and The Gnostic.

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  • Ashley Crawford
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  1. 1.University of MelbourneMelbourneAustralia

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