Order and Disorder in Jewish Marriages, Families, Kinship Systems and the Immediate Built and Social Environments

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Drawing on the economics of marriage markets together with the sociology of marriages and families, this chapter covers some of the forces that help explain trends in Jewish family formation and high rates of failed marriages that were initiated by wives who turned to civil courts for their divorces. In addition to covering first and follow-on marriages, we ask if the stability and quality of family lives reflect more general disordering forces in the larger society.


Abandoned wives Age at marriage Arranged marriages Christian marriages Citizen rights Civil courts Class Clothing Conflict Demography Divorce Dowry Gary Becker Gender Individualism Kinship Life cycle Love marriage Market-makers Market wives Marriage and family Marriage market Matchmaker Matrilocal Migration National desertion bureau Oral vs. written torah Religious courts Remarriage Rituals Second-hand market Social cohesion 

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