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Multidisciplinary Approaches to Facilitate Return to Work

  • George C. Chang ChienEmail author
  • Siddharth S. Arora
  • Alexander Bautista


Occupational injuries and work-related diseases and disorders often present with a variety of additional factors outside of the multidimensional treatment of pain. Work disability exists when an employee is not able to perform his/her usual work as a result of a health problem. In the treatment of work-related injuries, the traditional medical model for health care and rehabilitation is not sufficient, because the relationship between disease, symptoms, disability and incapacity for work is non-linear. Facilitation of early return to work can reduce negative effects of prolonged time away from work.


Chronic pain rehabilitation Biopsychosocial model Return to work Work related injury Malingering Fear avoidance behaviors Secondary gain Recovery plan 


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  • George C. Chang Chien
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    Email author
  • Siddharth S. Arora
    • 3
  • Alexander Bautista
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  1. 1.Ventura County Medical CenterVenturaUSA
  2. 2.GCC InstituteArcadiaUSA
  3. 3.Department of Pain MedicineNova Southeastern University/Larkin HospitalSouth MiamiUSA
  4. 4.Department of Anesthesiology and Pain MedicineUniversity of OklahomaNormanUSA

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