St. Anne as the Prototype of a Saint Connected with Healing and Milk Nourishing: Introducing Various Additional Textual Sources, Including the Apocrypha

  • Elena Ene D-Vasilescu
Part of the New Approaches to Byzantine History and Culture book series (NABHC)


This chapter explores various literary sources concerned with St. Anne, including apocryphal texts, particularly as they relate to the saint milk-nursing her daughter.
  1. 6.1

    Selected Mainstream Christian Texts

  2. 6.2
    Apocryphal Writings
    1. 6.2.1

      The Protoevangelion

    2. 6.2.2

      Pseudo Matthew

    3. 6.2.3

      Variant Apocryphal Texts

  3. 6.3

    Descriptions of Events Leading to Mary’s Birth in Apocryphal Sources

  4. 6.4

    Descriptions of Anne Breastfeeding the Child Mary in Apocryphal Sources


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