Testimony Snježana Banović

  • Snježana Banović


Banović starts her testimony by looking back at her first work after studying at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb: Filip Oktet i čarobna frula [Philip Octet and his Magic Flute], written by Pavo Marinković, was a persiflage based on Sophocles’ drama Philoctetes, staged at the Theater &TD Zagreb. It was written in late 1989, a time which Banović remembers as a pro-war environment. As the nationalistic government of Franjo Tuđman came to power, the production became unexpectedly more political. Banović states that the anti-war movement in Croatia could have been much braver. She talks about the propaganda machinery creating fear in the entire country, and a government returning to the traditions of the fascist Independent State of Croatia (NDH).

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