Reconstruction in the Oral Cavity: When and How

  • Jim Higginson
  • Prav Praveen
  • Tim Martin
  • Sat Parmar


The oral cavity is a complex anatomical area, with vital physiological and social functions. The gold standard of treatment for cancer of the oral cavity is surgical resection, but without reconstruction, the loss of anatomical structures within the mouth leads to substantial reduction in the patient’s quality of life. The advent of microvascular free tissue transfer has greatly improved aesthetic and functional outcomes, and the use of osseous flaps with osseointegrated dental implants have resulted in dramatic improvements in outcomes for patients undergoing maxillectomy or mandibulectomy. Selecting the appropriate reconstruction requires careful planning, sensitive discussion with the patient, and active collaboration with other members of the multidisciplinary team, particularly restorative dentists and speech and language therapists. In this chapter, we advise on reconstruction of defects of the key subsites in the oral cavity, supplemented by examples—both good and bad—from our own experience.


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