Ecological Information and Perceptual Content

  • Manuel Heras-Escribano
Part of the New Directions in Philosophy and Cognitive Science book series (NDPCS)


One of the main topics for discussion in the philosophy of perception is the problem of perceptual content. In this field of study, the term ‘content’ refers to what is conveyed to the agent by her perceptual experience (Siegel 2016). There is a wide variety of ways to make sense of perceptual content in the literature, and this is not the right place to offer an exhaustive review of all approaches. My goal in this chapter is to show that the idea of ecological information may offer an alternative to the idea that perceptual content is an essential aspect to be accounted for when we analyze basic forms of cognition—in this case, perception.

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  • Manuel Heras-Escribano
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  1. 1.IAS-Research Centre for Life, Mind, and SocietyUniversity of the Basque CountrySan SebastiánSpain

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