Mass Spectrometry and Related Methods

  • Yury A. ZolotovEmail author


Mass reflectron developed by B. A. Mamyrin is widely used in time-of-flight mass spectrometers, as well as the orthogonal entry proposed by A. F. Dodonov. Mass spectrometers of the “Orbitrap” series, developed by A. A. Makarov and co-workers at Thermo Co., were widely disseminated and recognized. Electrospray ionization was proposed by L. N. Gall and co-workers before the work of J. Fenn, who received a Nobel Prize for Chemistry. Ion–molecule reactions, identified by V. L. Talrose, opened the way to chemical ionization. Russian specialists contributed to secondary-ion mass spectrometry and fast atom bombardment, proposed photoionization at atmospheric pressure, and mass spectrometry of negative ions formed as a result of resonance electron capture.


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