Interviews with Five Theatremakers

  • Mark Brown


If the European Modernist revolution in Scottish theatre was established (at Havergal’s Citizens Theatre) in the 1970s, and extended (primarily through Communicado theatre company) in the 1980s, it was in the 1990s that it can be said to have truly emerged among playwrights and theatre devisers. The following chapter contains extensive interviews, conducted exclusively for this book, with five of the most significant theatremakers in contemporary Scottish theatre (four of whom are best known as playwrights and one who is an auteur director and designer). The playwrights, David Greig, Zinnie Harris, David Harrower, and Anthony Neilson, are, arguably, the four most important writers of what I would term the golden generation of Scottish playwriting (i.e. the generation of the 1990s). The fifth interviewee, the director and designer Stewart Laing, is both a product of what I contend is the founding institution of the Scottish theatrical renaissance (namely, the Havergal Citz) and a major figure in the development of European Modernist aesthetics on the Scottish stage.

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