More Than a Pyramid of Papers: Students’ Portfolios and Developmental Language Assessment in the ESL Classroom

  • Charles Edonmi


Gaining proficiency in a second language is a kaleidoscopic activity. Consequently, there is a need for a documented chronology of the learning experience of students in the ESL classroom. Portfolio assessment meets this need. It provides teachers and students the record needed for setting future goals. This chapter seeks to shed light on how an assessment of students’ portfolio can help improve the students’ developmental language skills. It proffers suggestions for implementing portfolio assessment. Modest efforts have been made, in this chapter, to incorporate relevant research that supports portfolio assessment and distill the essence of the quintessence of portfolios as a teaching tool and not just a pyramid of papers. This, essentially, will demonstrate the place of portfolios in teaching, assessing and motivating ESL students.


Proficiency Second language Learning Portfolio Goals Language skills Teaching 


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