Classification of Digital and Lower Limb Ulcers in SSc

  • Jelena Blagojevic


In systemic sclerosis (SSc), different types of cutaneous lesions (calcinosis, ulcers and gangrene) may be observed. Digital ulcers are defined as the loss of tissue occurring on fingers. With the arrival of new vasodilator and vasoactive drugs, DU became a topic of copious number of publications. Although a lot of efforts have been made to clarify their pathogenesis, to improve their healing and to prevent their occurrence, up to now no classification of DU has been universally accepted by the clinicians and by the scientific community.

SSc patients can also develop ulcers in the lower limbs, but there are even less data on these lesions and their characteristics have not been described clearly.

The aim of this chapter is to review and discuss the existing classification of DU and to propose a classification of lower limb ulcers in SSc.


Systemic sclerosis Digital ulcer Lower limb ulcer Classification 


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