Home Again: Chapman University

  • Vernon L. Smith


On the Arlington campus of George Mason University, our experimental program had a productive seven-year run. The proximity of Federal agencies and departments led to many new experimental explorations, some with policy implications. In 2007, Daniele Struppa, the dean that had hired us at GMU, reappeared to see if he could interest us in Chapman University where he was now Provost. Unexpectedly, he succeeded. What made it attractive is that Chapman did not have a PhD program. Annual graduate workshops in experimental economics, the count now up to twenty-five, connects us to graduate programs all over the world from which to recruit visitors and post-docs. Instead of trying to run a costly PhD program, Chapman supports visiting associates, professors, pre- and post-doc fellows, and we devote full time to our laboratory specialties, market design, statistics, and theory. It was a made-for-each-other match. In addition, it was another Camelot with offices immediately across the hall from three laboratory rooms with central monitoring and workstation.

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