An Environmental Scan of the Various Oral-Systemic Contact Points

  • Amit AcharyaEmail author
  • Shin-Mey Rose Yin Geist
  • Valerie Powell
  • Miguel H. Torres-Urquidy
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Significant progress has been made in the recent decades in better understanding the connections between oral and systemic health and disease. In this chapter we have tried to provide an overview of the relationship between oral and systemic health and disease, and present a list of contact points between oral and systemic conditions. This chapter also serves as the introductory piece to the Oral and Systemic Connection section of the book which constitutes Chaps.  4 10, which discusses the biological, epidemiological, informatics, and technical considerations for some of the more important diseases that impact patients.


Medical dental integration Oral-systemic contact points Oral-systemic connections Clinical practice considerations Environmental scan 



The views presented in this chapter are solely of the author/s and do not necessarily represent the views of the US Government, Department of Health and Human Services and/or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


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