Visual Field Loss in Glaucoma

  • Loreta KuzmieneEmail author


All forms of glaucoma has potentially progressing optic neuropathy that is associated with visual field loss as damage progresses and in which IOP is the key modifiable factor [1] Visual field defects reflect visual pathway abnormalities and should correlate with the anatomic arrangement of neurons in that pathway [2]. Nerve fibers from nasal and temporal retina enter the optic nerve. Nasal fibers are radial, temporal fibers are arcuate around the macula (central fixation point) and have superior and inferior parts. Damage of superior or/and inferior nerve fiber bundle appears as arcuate scotoma in superior or/and inferior visual field (Fig. 16.1). Focal loss appears as paracentral scotomas (Fig. 16.2), arcs or nasal steps (Fig. 16.3). Prolonged sparing of papilomacular bundle preserves the central vision (Fig. 16.4) [3].


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