Stress Limits and Sparse Networks

  • Julia Smith-Omomo


Sparse networks, a mechanism first identified by Macartan Humphreys, is a phenomenon that may be happening in both Liberia and the DRC, to such an extent that it creates cyclical and compounding effects, similar to the scarcity traps promulgated by Sendhil Mullainathan and Eldar Shafir. This effect can be, in turn, called a sparse networks trap. In this hypothesized trap, several preconditions would lead to measurable outcomes. The data is used to justify the existence of and build out some of the consequences of the hypothesized sparse networks trap. In conclusion, trends and effects modelled in the earlier chapters serve to create an environment where post-war recovery is compounded by the numerous shortcomings of a sparse networks trap, many of these only visible in the informal economy.

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