Anterior Cervical Corpectomy

  • Anthony C. Lau
  • Allan D. Levi


The anterior cervical corpectomy remains a fundamental technique for spine surgeons to access and treat anterior cervical spine pathology. While an individualized approach is necessary for each patient, a generalized outline of the procedure is provided in this chapter. Clinical indications and surgical alternatives are discussed. Appropriate preoperative workup is stressed, with emphasis on imaging modalities for aberrant anatomy and/or unexpected pathology. Possible complications are discussed in detail, alongside tips to avoid undesirable outcomes. Controversial topics are considered including the use of bone morphogenic protein and when to supplement with a posterior construct. Plating techniques and structural grafts of different materials are reviewed with their advantages and disadvantages. Finally, a case illustration is provided to help illustrate the role of anterior cervical corpectomies in the context of cervical spondylotic myelopathy.


Anterior cervical Corpectomy Complications Complication avoidance Technique Graft selection Bone morphogenic protein Posterior supplementation Cervical spondylotic myelopathy 


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