The Maturity Matrix for Employee Communications: Paving the Way for a New Model of Organizational Communications

  • Cynthia Sganzerla Provedel


Many were the reasons behind the development of a maturity matrix to evaluate employee communications within organizations. Supported by practical experience and inspired by the application of this methodology in other industries, the maturity matrix for employee communications presented here was created to better understand what guides the development, evolution, and growth of the communication function within companies over time. The matrix was conceived based on empirical experience, but is also grounded in theories that are briefly explored here. It arises within a current market context where communication areas are being challenged to rethink their roles within organizations. As such, the matrix may also help diagnose whether the employee communication function within a given company is actually prepared to take the next step toward a relational communication paradigm in tune with current challenges.


Organizational communication Employee communications Maturity matrix for employee communications Employee engagement Maturity matrix drivers Maturity level Organizations 

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